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Velvet Crystal was established in Truro in 1987 and has evolved, going from strength to strength over the years.  They pride themselves on bringing good quality, stylish jewellery and gifts to the high street.


'As we look forward to reopening in Perranporth, we are also coming to the end of an era. We have decided with our Truro lease coming up for renewal, that we will not be reopening the Truro store.As with many other local businesses, the last year has made us reimagine & reinvent how we want our business to look going forward, as well as the fact that coronavirus has completely changed the landscape of retail.We will be incredibly sad to say goodbye to the Truro store, as we have many fond memories of our 34 years of trading in our marvellous Cornish city, having met & worked with many wonderful and fabulous people who we consider great friends. However we hope that you will still continue to visit & support our Perranporth store, as well as accompanying us on our new online venture, where we endeavour to provide you with the same great service, quality jewellery and gifts that you have come to expect from us at Velvet Crystal!For any of our lovely customers who have jewellery items & repairs still left in our care in the Truro store, do not worry we are keeping them all safe & secure, & we will be in touch in the next couple of weeks to arrange collection. If you have any concerns or queries do not hesitate to get in touch, as we are available through email, facebook & Instagram, as well as in the Perranporth store from the 12th April, so we hope to be as accessible as possible!And finally as ever, all our thanks to our wonderful customers and staff, we are incredibly grateful that we get to continue on the Velvet Crystal journey, & your support really means the world to us.'